• March 21, 2023
    SEIU 721, BU 702
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  • Officers & Staff
    Jim Schoengarth


    (213) 800-3195

    First Vice President
    Regino "Reggie" Torres



    2nd Vice President
    Ruth Tyson


    (323) 388-7711

    My name is Ruth Tyson. I am a Supervising Deputy Probation Officer with over 19 years of County service. As the 2nd Vice President of Local 702 and as a long-standing active union member, I have most recently worked to increase the pay and benefits of Probation Supervisors. My role and experience in the union includes the following:

    • 2nd Vice President
    • Bargaining Policy Committee Board Member

    I have the experience and track record of working on behalf of and and in the interest of Probation Supervisors. With my experience, I am well qualified to represent County employees on the Local 702 and I am steadfastly committed to protecting our MOU.  I have a BS in Healthcare Management and Master of Science in Counseling. I am a License Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT). I have always supported the cause of my peers. Most recently, I along with the Local 702 Board assisted with securing the 2019 contract, in which we were able to secure a  10.75% overall raise, 2% educational bonus for Supervising Detention Service Officers, and a host of other contractual benefits. I look forward to continuing to represent and support our members in the future.

    Thank you

    Chief Steward
    Kurtis Miller


    (818) 522-1669

    Vice President-Special Services
    Ernesto Sandoval


    (909) 631-3440

    Adult Services Vice President
    Barbara Ann McAfee



    Alfonso Quintereo


    Bargaining Chair
    Danny Ramirez


    Vice President-Juvenile Field Services
    Ernest Walker


    (909) 225`8662

    Institutions Vice President
    Roderick Cotton


    I have been a Supervising Detention Services Officer for the past fourteen years. I have worked at both Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall and Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall. I am currently serving on the Executive Board as Vice President of Institutions for SEIU 721 – Bargaining Unit 702, the Association of Probation Supervisors. Prior to that I served as Shop Steward at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall.  I promise to continue to serve you faithfully as Vice President of Institutions. With your support, I will continue to do so. As are all members of our executive board, I am proud in our continuing efforts to obtain the strongest contract language to protect my brothers and sisters in Detention. Our longevity is now recognized with both incentive bonuses and a fifth week of vacation. Educational bonuses are now available for those obtaining their BA and MA degrees. For those that know me know that my serving is a calling. It is not about me and not about any personal gains beyond the satisfaction of helping others. The members of this Union come first and by your vote I will be allowed to continue to serve you!

    Vice President-Juvenile Camps
    Alfred Burruel


    (909) 226-1322

    I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as your Vice President for RTSB. I have had an extensive career where I started in RTSB as a DPO II, then returned as a SDPO for the past 2 ½ years. I have worked in various positions throughout my career that has afforded me opportunities to see the strengths within the department as well as deficiencies that continue to linger. Times have certainly changed on how this department functions. Emphasis has been placed more on those we serve, and less on those who are doing the serving. It’s time that we had a voice in that arena, and I plan to be that voice of your Vice President. With the recent challenges that have been presented to us, it has fueled a drive in me to not sit idly by and expect others to defend our rights and advocate for what is right, but to take a proactive stance and be an agent for change. I will work tirelessly to end unwarranted and needless restrictions in our profession so that we can continue to lead those that we supervise. Thank you for this opportunity

    Vice President-Transportation
    Anthony Flores


    Sergeant at Arms
    Randy Trenado

    Recording Chair
    Brett Sakoda


    (626) 253-7055

     I am a Supervising Deputy Probation Officer with 24 years of county service. I have been a proud paying union dues member with The Association of Probation Supervisors for 12 years and proud paying member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). My prior working experience includes: DSO in juvenile hall, DPO I and DPO II in camp, DPO II in juvenile field, an SDPO in Internal Affairs, an Armed SDPO in AB 109, and I currently work as an Armed SDPO with the Special Projects Team. I have an excellent understanding of the Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights (POBR), departmental policies, Skelly process, grievance process, civil service, and our BU 702 MOU. With an uncertain future ahead of us, it is critical to have leaders with departmental experience in its entirety. I believe I have what is needed to help our union membership enhance collaboration within our department. I believe in what is the best interests for all our membership within The Association of Probation Supervisors Union. I will work to protect the rights of our MOU and assist with any matters requiring technical assistance. With Vice Chairperson John Tuchek retiring after 41 years of exemplary service, I fully support to retain Mr. Tuchek as a Consultant with our Union. I believe our membership would only benefit from his wisdom, political connections, guidance, and knowledge as a Consultant with our union. Together, with the Executive Board, we can lead The Association of Probation Supervisors Union to a better future. I humbly ask for your vote as Recording Chair with The Association of Probation Supervisors Union. Thank you for your time and consideration in voting for me. In solidarity, Brett Sakoda Supervising Deputy Probation Officer

    Executive Director
    Norm Johnson Sr


    Executive Board Consultant / Legislative Consultant
    John Tuchek


    (310) 944-4239

    My Carrier began in March 1979 as I was hired as a Group Supeverison 1 at BJ. I transfrreder to LPJH as a GS 1.   In 1984 I was promoted to DSO at LPJH.  In 1986 I was promoted to Sr, DSO at BJ.  While on Probation I was nominated as the Institution Vice President for Local 685.  I continued with the union, representing those in the three halls.  During negotiations we negotiated lateral transfers from the institutions to the field for those who held 4 yrs degrees.  We also negotiated equitable distribution of overtime for obvious reasons.  In 1988 I lateraled as a promotion to DPO II to field services, and was assigned to the East Los Angeles Area Office's Placement Unit.  In 1989 I was reassigned to the East Los Angeles Gang Unit, and moved up the union rank as Fields Vice President. two years later I became the First Vice president for 685.   My tenure in gangs and union we  secured the toys your accustom to now, (probation raid jackets, Cars, vest, flash lights, Pepper spray, batons and finally firearms).  In 1998 I was promoted to SDPO and assigned to the newly created program "CRASH/DISARM" unit and within a year I became incharged of the departments first armed pilot program. Additionnaly, I broke away from union activities as I had my hands full, but I supported their cause and I joined the Supervisors union.   I ran this unit out of the pilot program into a viable program.  I remained in this assignment until 1913, when my weapon was pulled by the Bureau Chief for her peronal agenda.  It was at this time, the fight was on, I became active in the supervisors union and with their help, I securred a large settlement from the department.  As the story goes, I became very much involved in our Association as noted in the position I currently hold.  Wth the help of my Peers, I brought Peer Support to this department and later the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge# 702, with it the Legal Defense Fund.   I officially retired on September 17, 2020.  I now serve in my new position on our board.

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